Gas Grill 4+1

Art.-Nr. EX-986

  • POWERFUL: 4 burner grill, individually adjustable tubular stainless steel burners, 1 side burner, even heat distribution over entire grill surface for optimal grilling results
  • LARGE GRILLING SURFACE: Two-part grilling surface made of enameled cast iron (61 x 46 cm); grill grate and contact grill plate; chrome-plated warming rack , perfect also for indirect grilling
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Thanks to Campingaz InstaClean, internal parts of the grill can be removed individually & cleaned in the dishwasher after pre-cleaning (soaking/removal of coarse dirt)
  • TOP FEATURES: grill cart made of steel (4 wheels for easy moving of the grill); a foldable side table for space-saving storage; grill lid with thermometer, incl. electronic ignition




☉Cooking area:550X350MM
☉Powder coated steel hood (Thick:0.6mm)
☉Powder coated steel fascia(Thick:0.6mm)
☉Stainless steel(201) burner
☉Powder coated steel side sheleves(Thick:0.6mm)
☉Auto ignition all burner
☉Powder coated steel cart(Thick:0.6mm)
☉Warming grill(Φ3.8mm)
☉Chrome steel grill(Φ4mm)
☉Main burner: 4*2.8kw=8.4kw